The Imagined States of America

Feature documentary


Les Films de l’Isle in coproduction with

national Film board of Canada © 2014

Still photography and photo-montages

Pierre Guimond



Guy Nadon


Editing and visual affects

Chris Malanchen, Pierre Plouffe



Robert Marcel Lepage



Ian Boyd

Johanne Bergeron, Yves Bisailllon (NFB)

Selection / Competition

Festival international du film sur l’art (FIFA – 2014)

Festival international de productions audiovisuelles (FIPA)






When you think America, what comes to mind? Car culture, big business, advertising, religious fundamentalism, consumer society, militarism, suburbia, office towers, and the technology of paranoia? The film Imagined States of America takes on the myths to get at the heart of a country that continues to fascinate the world. Inspired by the photo collages of Quebec artist Pierre Guimond, and incorporating an intricately built soundscape, this film is like a dream on the verge of a nightmare as America is revealed with all its paradoxes.