The Passenger

Feature – Drama


Co-production : France-Canada-Japan

Les Films de l’Isle & Les Flms à Un Dollar © 2006



Francois Rotger

Director of photography

George Lechaptois



Yusuke Iseya

Kumi Kaneko

Gabrielle Lazure

Yosuke Natsuki

François Trottier

Ryo Kase

Veroushka Knoge



Ian Boyd

Nicolas Comeau

Tom Dercourt

Mariko Hirakawa



Festivals – Prizes

SELECTION, Festival de Locarno 2005

COMPETITION, Premier Plan, Angers 2005

 Trailer :

An impossible lover affair between two teenagers.
A father in trouble with the Yakusas.
A man accused of stealing money, running from Japan.
A woman afraid of time passing by.
Two countries, two cultures, Japan and Canada
Revenge, wandering, a different notion of courage, of solitude…

A thriller hiding in between the lines, the complexity of beings going about their lives as they can.
For what they want - and what they get - are two very different things…