Art documentary (Short)

Les Films de l’Isle © 2003



Bertrand Carrière



Bertrand Carrière

Director of Photography

Carlos Ferrand



Robert Marcel Lepage



Ian Boyd

Festivals – Prizes

CompEtitiON, Festival des Films sur l’Art (FIFA 2003)

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On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Dieppe raid, Quebec artist Bertrand Carrière paid tribute to the 913 Canadian soldiers who fell on the beaches of Upper-Normandy in 1942 (among the 4,963 who took part in Operation Jubilee with a vast ephemeral photographic installation. At the site where the drama unfolded, the artist installed 913 male portraits over the course of an entire day. The installation was partially destroyed by wind and the rising tide. The following day, at Varengeville-sur-Mer, he again installed hundreds of portraits, those which were not swallowed up by the sea. They remained there for over two months. The film follows each stage of the project, while also recalling the tragic military events of August 19th 1942.