Art Documentary Series

Les productions de l’Impatiente ©1993



Diane Poitras

Carlos Ferrand

Jean-Pierre Gariepy



Diane Poitras


Director of Photography

Carlos Ferrand



Robert M. Lepage



Ian Boyd



 Award ofExcellence from l'Alliance pour l'enfant

et la télévision

Finalist for The International Youth Award of Munich Festival, 1994.



This 13 part series combines art and culture with themes both serious and zany in a fast-paced collage of clips and commentary. This eclectic collection arouses the curiosity of young adults and introduces them to all forms of artistic expression.

This fast-paced montage of clips and commentary mixes pop culture with more traditional forms of art. Appealing to young culture mavens everywhere, the series explores themes like heroism, rebellion, love, madness, monsters and war. Viewers get a fresh look at how these themes are expressed through literature, classical music, painting and filmmaking. Up-beat editing and snappy dialogue entertain and explain the work of a diverse palette of artists, including Charlie Chaplin, Dali, Van Gogh and Bob Marley.