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Lena Ellsworth

Qajaaq Ellsworth

Evie Mark

Tunu Napartuk



Louise Lemelin


Director of Photography

Sylvestre Guidi



Ian Boyd

Bobby May

Qajaaq Ellsworth



Robert M. Lepage


Festivals – Prizes

SELECTION, Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois

Forum Unesco / Cuba

Présence Autochtone / Montréal

 Planet in Focus / Toronto


Alianait Arts Festival / Iqaluit, Nunavut


In fifty years the Inuit have gone from the igloo to the internet.  Today’s Inuit, be they from Nunavik or Nunavut, hold the key to their future and are in charge of their own societies. Evie Mark, Tunu Napartuk, Lena and Qajaaq Ellsworth, the Inuit directors of the documentary ‘Ullumi’, take a clear and critical look at the important challenges they, their children and their society faces in the development of their future. The importance of the Inukitut language, of education, of economic development and leadership, and of the right balance between tradition and moderniy are at their central preoccupations.

The four directors.
The four directors.